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Student Course Evaluations

Student course evaluations are an important part of our commitment to excellence and innovation in teaching and learning.  The feedback provided by students helps faculty members and administrators continually improve our courses and the quality of instruction at UMBC.

Fall 2016, the University partnered with eXplorance Inc. to use their online survey system (Blue) to distribute the Student Evaluation of Educational Quality (SEEQ)*.    The online survey will include both close-ended responses and open-ended Direct Instructor Feedback Form (DIFF) questions, similar to “blue sheets” used in past evaluations.  It is expected that each class survey will take approximately 10 to 20 minutes.

Survey Process and Timeline

The survey window for spring 2019 is:

May 1st through May 14th, 2019

Reports will be published after all grades are posted.

The secure online system grants students 24/7 access during the evaluation period.

Students will receive an email communication from with a link to the surveys for classes in which they are enrolled.  Surveys may be accessed via these links or via Blackboard (see FAQ on how to access student course evaluations).

Instructors will receive an email communication from with a link to their courses.  This link can be used for monitoring response rates throughout the evaluation process, and to review survey results after final grades have been posted.

Email reminders will be sent to students periodically throughout the evaluation window.

Please see Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

*The SEEQ instrument was developed by Herbert W. Marsh at the University of Western Sydney in the late 1970’s and initially published in the British Journal of Educational Psychology in 1982.  The SEEQ instrument is a public instrument which is free of charge.